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Portuguese edition of the Darkover novels

The following table gives a list of Portuguese version of the Darkover novels, ordered by historical rank.
English titlePortuguese titlePublisher Date
Darkover Landfall A Chegada em Darkover Editora Imago (Brazil) 1989
Stormqueen! Rainha da Tempestade Editora Imago (Brazil) 1988
Hawkmistress! A Dama do Falc�o Editora Imago (Brazil) 1990
Two to Conquer Dois para Conquistar Editora Imago (Brazil) 1988
The Heirs of Hammerfell Os Herdeiros de Hammerfell Editora Imago (Brazil) 1992
The Shattered Chain A Corrente Partida Editora Imago (Brazil) 1990
The Spell Sword A Espada Encantada Editora Imago (Brazil) 1992
The Forbidden Tower A Torre Proibida Editora Imago (Brazil) 1993
Thendara House A Casa de Thendara Editora Imago (Brazil) 1990
City of Sorcery Cidade da Magia Editora Imago (Brazil) 1991
Star of Danger Estrela do Perigo Editora Imago (Brazil) 1994
The Bloody Sun O Sol Vermelho Editora Imago (Brazil) 1996
The Heritage of Hastur A Heran�a de Hastur Editora Imago (Brazil) 1994
Sharra's Exile O Ex�lio de Sharra Editora Imago (Brazil) 1994
The World Wreckers Os Destruidores de Mundos Editora Imago (Brazil) 1995

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