1999-04-21 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * macros/author.prehtml: updated to allow multiple authors. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: added Daniel Roy. * encyclopedia/glossary.fr.prehtml: greatly updated by Daniel Roy. * guide/books/database/novels.de.txt: updated. * site/htmlpp.en.prehtml: fixed typo. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: small update. * site/poweredby.en.prehtml: small update. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/avarra-priestess.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * macros/style.prehtml: contributor macro updated. * encyclopedia/wildlife/fauna.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * encyclopedia/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the new section. * encyclopedia/dirs.mk (DIRS): added a new section. * encyclopedia/wildlife/index.fr.prehtml: new index file for this new section. * encyclopedia/wildlife/flora.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. 1999-04-20 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/psypowers/threshold.fr.prehtml: fixe some typo. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/society.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/reclusion.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/oath.fr.prehtml: small update. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/introduction.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/guildhouse.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * encyclopedia/society/guard.fr.prehtml: small update. * encyclopedia/geography/four-moons.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * encyclopedia/everyday/drugs.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/winds/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/thendara/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/sword/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/sharra/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/star/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/chain/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/rediscovery/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/planet/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/heirs/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/forbidden/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/landfall/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/city/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/bloody/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed some typo. * guide/books/heritage.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * guide/books/heritage/timeline.fr.prehtml: new translation by G. Perrier. * macros/author.prehtml: copyright extended to 99! * encyclopedia/history/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the new translation. * encyclopedia/history/timeline.fr.prehtml: new translation by G. Perrier. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/before.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/sisterhood-sword.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * guide/books/rediscovery.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * guide/books/rediscovery/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * guide/books/star.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * guide/books/star/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * guide/books/traitor/review.fr.prehtml: new file, with a new review by Alexandre Bouffin. * guide/books/traitor.fr.prehtml: review removed and linked added to the review page. * guide/books/bloody/summary-short.fr.prehtml: new file by C. Chovet. * guide/books/forbidden.fr.prehtml: linked to the new page. * guide/books/forbidden/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by C. Chovet. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: added C. Chovet to the contributor list. * guide/books/bloody.fr.prehtml: linked to the new page. * guide/books/bloody/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by Cyril Chovet. 1999-02-17 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/psypowers/keeper.en.prehtml: better image positioning. * site/new.en.prehtml: link fixed. 1999-02-14 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/psypowers/index.en.prehtml: linked to the new keeper page. * encyclopedia/psypowers/keeper.en.prehtml: first version finished. * encyclopedia/psypowers/history.en.prehtml: updated some broken links. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: moved to darkover.cx. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: moved to darkover.cx. * index.en.prehtml: moved to darkover.cx. * index.fr.prehtml: moved to darkover.cx. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/sisterhood.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated (G. Perrier). * guide/books/hawkmistress.fr.prehtml: linked to the new summary. * guide/books/hawkmistress/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * guide/books/hawkmistress/summary-short.fr.prehtml: new name for this summary file. * guide/books/shadow/characters.fr.prehtml: new file by G. Perrier. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: link fixed. * guide/books/sword/summary.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * guide/books/traitor.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * guide/books/landfall/summary.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * guide/books/chain/summary.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * guide/books/chain/summary-short.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * guide/books/shadow.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * guide/books/chain/review.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/index.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/characters/index.fr.prehtml: fixed by B. Fournier. 1999-02-01 Fabrice Rossi * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-question.prehtml: added support for radio buttons. * site/lists/announce/index.fr.prehtml: updated (darkover-announce-fr). Added hosted announces. * site/lists/announce/sub-unsub-announce.fr.prehtml: updated (fr). * site/lists/announce/ok-announce.fr.prehtml: updated (fr). * site/lists/index.fr.prehtml: updated with translation information. * site/lists/announce/index.en.prehtml: added hosted announces. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: added Traitor's Sun and updated. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: added Leigh's work. * guide/books/shadow.en.prehtml: linked to the summary. * guide/books/shadow/summary.en.prehtml: new file by Leigh Kimmel. * guide/books/traitor.en.prehtml: linked to the summary. * guide/books/traitor/summary.en.prehtml: new file by Leigh Kimmel. * guide/books/dirs.mk (DIRS): added traitor subdirectory * guide/books/sword.en.prehtml: linked to the summary. * guide/books/sword/summary.en.prehtml: new file by Leigh Kimmel. * site/copyright.en.prehtml: typo fixed. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: same as below. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: added Marcos' mirror. * guide/books/chain.en.prehtml: linked to the summary. * site/new.fr.prehtml: broken link fixed. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: broken link fixed. 1999-01-22 Fabrice Rossi * site/awards.en.prehtml: added dates. * macros/Language.pm: small presentation update. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: new automatic link to downloading page. * macros/languageDef-fr.prehtml: same as below. * macros/languageDef-en.prehtml: new text macro (for downloading). * macros/languageDef-pt.prehtml: same as below. * macros/languageDef-de.prehtml: new text macro: needs fixing. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: added some presentation tricks. * index.fr.prehtml: added link to hosted sites and some presentation tricks for kfm compatibility. * index.en.prehtml: same as above. 1999-01-21 Fabrice Rossi * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: added new macros allowing to modify locally the navigation bar. * encyclopedia/geography/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the new page. * encyclopedia/geography/four-moons.fr.prehtml: new file about the four darkover moons by G. Perrier. * encyclopedia/dirs.mk (DIRS): added everyday subdirectory. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/everyday/drugs.fr.prehtml: new page (about darkover drugs) by G. Perrier. * encyclopedia/everyday/index.fr.prehtml: new page for a new section about everyday life on darkover. * encyclopedia/index.fr.prehtml: linked to a new section. * poll/GNUmakefile ($(CONFIG)): updated dependencies. * site/download.en.prehtml: updated with new sizes. * site/download.fr.prehtml: updated with new sizes. * GNUmakefile (archive): new target for archive building. 1999-01-20 Fabrice Rossi * fan/concordance.en.prehtml: link error fixed. * fan/concordance.fr.prehtml: link errors corrected. * site/todo.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/society/index.fr.prehtml: linked to new pages. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/oath.fr.prehtml: new page: renunciate oath. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/reclusion.fr.prehtml: new file: reclusion period. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/guildhouse.fr.prehtml: new file: Guild House. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/society.fr.prehtml: new file: another page about the renunciates. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/introduction.fr.prehtml: new file: main page about the renunciates. * encyclopedia/society/renunciates/index.fr.prehtml: new file: index of renunciates' pages. * encyclopedia/society/dirs.mk (DIRS): subdirectory renunciates added. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: updated Sonja's mail. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: linked to Phoebz site. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: same as below. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: added new link (Phoebz) and updated old ones. * site/index.en.prehtml: linked to award page. * site/awards.en.prehtml: new page (site awards). * guide/books/subcycles.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/index.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/index.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.fr.prehtml: same as below. * guide/books/novels.publication-time.fr.prehtml: same as below. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.en.prehtml: same as below. * guide/books/novels.alpha.en.prehtml: same as below. * guide/books/novels.alpha.fr.prehtml: added Traitor's sun. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/traitor.fr.prehtml: added my review and integrated the page with other novel presentation. * guide/books/shadow.fr.prehtml: added my review. * guide/books/shadow.en.prehtml: added my review. * guide/books/shadow.fr.prehtml: added a short presentation of the novel. * guide/books/exile.fr.prehtml: added mention of Adrienne Martine-Barnes. * guide/books/shadow.en.prehtml: updated to mention Traitor's Sun. * guide/books/exile.en.prehtml: added mention of Adrienne Martine-Barnes. * guide/books/traitor.en.prehtml: added a review and integrate this page in the standard style. * guide/books/database/novels.txt: added Traitor's Sun. * guide/books/database/novels.en.txt: added Traitor's Sun. * guide/books/database/novels.fr.txt: added Traitor's Sun. * guide/mzb.en.prehtml: same as below. * guide/mzb.fr.prehtml: updated with Traitor's Sun related information. * index.fr.prehtml: no more beta version mention. * index.en.prehtml: no more beta version mention. 1999-01-19 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.click.fr.prehtml: same as below. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.fr.prehtml: same as below. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.en.prehtml: broken link fixed. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: added Leigh Kimmel. * macros/Language.pm: fixed a small bug in the translated file finder. * guide/books/chain/summary.en.prehtml: new file by Leigh Kimmel. * macros/standardAuthors.prehtml: added Thea to the standard authors. * site/about_this_site.de.prehtml: new file Translated by Thea. * site/FAQ.de.prehtml: new file translated by Thea. * site/index.de.prehtml: new file translated by Thea. * guide/books/bloody/characters.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/landfall/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by Phoebz. * guide/books/chain/summary-short.fr.prehtml: new file by S. Gustin. * guide/books/chain/review.fr.prehtml: added Sandrine's review. * macros/standardAuthors.prehtml: added Sandrine to standard authors. * guide/books/chain.fr.prehtml: linked to the summary. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: added Sandrine Gustin and Phoebz to the contributor list. * guide/books/chain/summary.fr.prehtml: new file by Sandrine Gustin. 1999-01-16 Fabrice Rossi * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/sword.fr.prehtml: linked to the summary page. * guide/books/sword/summary.fr.prehtml: new file: Spell sword summary by G. Perrier. * guide/books/wreckers/review.fr.prehtml: updated (added a missing title). 1998-12-21 Fabrice Rossi * GNUmakefile: updated to allow better support of missing file list. * bin/findMissing: new script for missing file analysis. * guide/books/traitor.fr.prehtml: same as below. * guide/books/traitor.en.prehtml: short presentation of Traitor's Sun. * index.fr.prehtml: same as below. * index.en.prehtml: Traitor's sun advertised. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/exile.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/wreckers.en.prehtml: updated (ww is no more the last Darkover novel!). * guide/books/shadow.en.prehtml: linked to petri's list and slightly updated. * guide/books/dirs.mk (DIRS): shadow subdirectory added. * guide/books/shadow/characters.en.prehtml: new file: shadow matrix characters by Petri Peltonen. * guide/books/planet/characters.en.prehtml: small fix. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: updated link description. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: updated link description. * guide/books/database/novels.de.txt: corrected: Asharas Rueckkehr is the german version of Exile's Song (not Shadow Matrix). 1998-12-12 Fabrice Rossi * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: added JMS and JL. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * GNUmakefile: updated for better missing file lists support. * site/GNUmakefile: updated for better missing file lists support. * guide/books/database/novels.de.txt: update to the english translation of german title. * guide/books/sharra.fr.prehtml: moved my review in the new review page and linked to it. * guide/books/sharra/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Sharra's exile review by me. * guide/books/stormqueen.fr.prehtml: moved my review in the new review page and linked to it. * guide/books/stormqueen/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Stormqueen! review by me. * guide/books/exile.fr.prehtml: linked to the review page. * guide/books/exile/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Exile's Song review by JMS. * guide/books/rediscovery.fr.prehtml: linked to review page. Moved my review to the review page. * guide/books/rediscovery/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Rediscovery review by JMS. * guide/books/heirs.fr.prehtml: linked to review page. Moved my review to the review page. * guide/books/heirs/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Heirs of Hammerfell review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/city.fr.prehtml: linked to review page. * guide/books/city/review.fr.prehtml: new file: City of Sorcery review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/thendara.fr.prehtml: linked to review page. * guide/books/thendara/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Thendara House review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/hawkmistress.fr.prehtml: linked to review page. Moved my review in the review page. * guide/books/hawkmistress/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Hawkmistress review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/forbidden.fr.prehtml: linked to review page. * guide/books/forbidden/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Forbidden Tower review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/chain.fr.prehtml: linked to review and character pages. * guide/books/chain/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Shattered Chain review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/heritage.fr.prehtml: linked to the review page. Moved my personnal review in the review page. * guide/books/heritage/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Heritage of Hastur review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/sword.fr.prehtml: linked to review page (and character page also!). * guide/books/sword/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Spell Sword review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/landfall.fr.prehtml: linked to the review page. Moved my personnal review in the review page. * guide/books/landfall/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Darkover Landfall review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/wreckers.fr.prehtml: linked to the review page. Moved my personnal review in the review page. * guide/books/wreckers/review.fr.prehtml: new file: World Wreckers review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/winds.fr.prehtml: linked to the review. * guide/books/winds/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Winds of Darkover review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/star.fr.prehtml: linked to the review. * guide/books/star/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Star of Danger review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/bloody.fr.prehtml: linked to the review. * guide/books/bloody/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Bloody sun review by JL/JMS. * guide/books/planet.fr.prehtml: linked to JL/JMS review. * guide/books/planet/review.fr.prehtml: new file: Planet savers review by JL and JMS. * macros/standardAuthors.prehtml: new file for standard Darkover site contributors. 1998-12-01 Fabrice Rossi * macros/novels-pt.prehtml: removed foreign edition links. * bin/buildDescription.pl: updated to add a default title to untranslated novels. * bin/buildAssoc.pl: updated to add a default title to untranslated novels. * guide/books/database/novels.pt.txt: updated (added translator's name). * site/translation.en.prehtml: small update. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: same as below. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: added more htmlpp advertising. * guide/books/heirs/characters.fr.prehtml: small french fix. * guide/books/rediscovery/characters.fr.prehtml: small french fix. * guide/books/sword/characters.fr.prehtml: small french fix. * guide/books/exile/characters.fr.prehtml: small french fix. 1998-11-29 Fabrice Rossi * poll/GNUmakefile: updated. * site/translation.en.prehtml: linked to missing file list. * site/index.en.prehtml: linked to missing file list. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/index.fr.prehtml: linked to missing file list. * site/missing.fr.prehtml: new file. * site/missing.en.prehtml: new file. * site/missing.de.prehtml: new file. * site/missing.pt.prehtml: new file. * GNUmakefile: modified to build missing file lists. * site/lists/announce/0/GNUmakefile: fixed: should build correctly the requested files. * macros/Language.pm: updated: better language support and support for autolinking to translation of the current page. * macros/language.prehtml: new macro file. * macros/novels.prehtml: loading of Language.pm is now done in language.prehtml. * macros/languageDef-pt.prehtml: new tag. * macros/languageDef-fr.prehtml: new tag. * macros/languageDef-en.prehtml: new tag. * macros/languageDef-de.prehtml: new tag. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: new presentation for the navigation table. * macros/style.prehtml: additionnal strong tag removed. 1998-11-23 Fabrice Rossi * site/missing.fr.prehtml: base file for the missing page list page. * bin/buildMissing: new script: postprocesses missing file list. * toplevel.mk (diff): updated to use the new scripts. * bin/checkLocal.pl: new script: allows to compute missing file names. * bin/buildLocal: modified to include page title. 1998-11-19 Fabrice Rossi * toplevel.mk (diff): updated for translation state auto tracking. * bin/buildLocal: new script for translation state auto tracking. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: updated to reflect the new darkover.org status. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: updated to reflect the new darkover.org status. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/exile.en.prehtml: modified to link to new file. * guide/books/exile/notes/other.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/thendara.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/terran.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/renunciates.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/names.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/laran.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/language.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/government.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/geography.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/food.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/customs.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/country.life.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/government.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/comyn.castle.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/clothing.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/everyday.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/armida.en.prehtml: new file (Thomas). * guide/books/exile/notes/index.en.prehtml: index of Exile's song reading notes. * guide/books/exile/notes/ardais.caste.en.prehtml: ardais castle description. * guide/books/exile/dirs.mk (DIRS): updated to include Thomas' notes. * macros/author.prehtml: defined Omar as the "default" portuguese translator. * guide/books/landfall/characters.fr.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/society/guard.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/translation.pt.prehtml: new file (portuguese). * encyclopedia/characters/characters.total.pt.prehtml: new file (portuguese translation). * macros/languageDef-pt.prehtml: small update. 1998-11-16 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/psypowers/keeper.en.prehtml: creation of this file. 1998-11-15 Fabrice Rossi * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: updated. * site/download.fr.prehtml: sizes updated. * site/download.en.prehtml: sizes updated. * guide/books/exile.en.prehtml: added my review. * macros/languageDef-fr.prehtml: as below. * macros/languageDef-en.prehtml: as below. * macros/style-char.prehtml: added support for laran related information. * postgresql/buildPages.pl: added support for laran related information. 1998-11-14 Fabrice Rossi * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/wreckers.fr.prehtml: linked to the character file. * guide/books/wreckers/characters.fr.prehtml: new file, by G. Perrier. * guide/books/dirs.mk (DIRS): wreckers subdirectory added. * guide/books/bloody.fr.prehtml: linked to the character file. * guide/books/bloody/characters.fr.prehtml: new file, translated by G. Perrier. * macros/main.prehtml: corrected the author email reference in the meta tags. * macros/author.prehtml: updated with my new email address. * macros/server-darkover.prehtml: new server configuration for darkover.org. * install.mk.prehtml: removed an unused variable. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: removed an old unused macro. 1998-11-11 Fabrice Rossi * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: added link to the translation howto. * fan/poll/index.fr.prehtml: added the worst novel poll. * fan/poll/index.en.prehtml: added the worst novel poll. * poll/GNUmakefile: updated to support the worst novel poll. * poll/worst-novel-result-header-en.prehtml: new template file for the worst novel poll. * poll/worst-novel.en.prehtml: new configuration file for the worst novel poll. * poll/worst-novel-header-en.prehtml: new template file for the worst novel poll. * poll/worst-novel-result-header-fr.prehtml: new template file for the worst novel poll. * poll/best-novel-result-header-en.prehtml: updated. * poll/worst-novel-header-fr.prehtml: new template file for the worst novel poll. * poll/worst-novel.fr.prehtml: new configuration file for the worst novel poll. * guide/mzb.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/mzb.en.prehtml: updated. * macros/author.prehtml: updated to link from a translated page to the original version. * guide/books/star/characters.fr.prehtml: fixed a broken tag and some french typos. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: rewritten with the new style. Added Marcos Silva. * macros/style.prehtml: new style for contributors. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-result.prehtml: updated for roundup problems. * site/how-to-contribute.en.prehtml: linked to the translate page. * site/index.en.prehtml: linked to the translate page. * site/translation.en.prehtml: described now all macros. * macros/languageDef-pt.prehtml: same as below. * macros/languageDef-de.prehtml: same as below. * macros/languageDef-fr.prehtml: same as below. * macros/languageDef-en.prehtml: better gender support in character description. * postgresql/buildPages.pl: better gender support in character description. * macros/style-char.prehtml: better gender support in character description. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.total.en.prehtml: small update. * bin/removeArticle-fr: small update for an accented uppercase letter. * index.fr.prehtml: new layout. * macros/style.prehtml: updated style. * index.en.prehtml: new layout. 1998-11-09 Fabrice Rossi * site/htmlpp.en.prehtml: small fix. * site/translation.en.prehtml: new page on how to translate the Darkover site. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: same as below. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: same as below. * index.en.prehtml: small update (darkover.org advertised). * index.fr.prehtml: small update (darkover.org advertised). * macros/style.prehtml: small update to the index page style. 1998-11-08 Fabrice Rossi * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/database/novels.de.txt: added shadow matrix. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/exile.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * guide/books/exile/characters.fr.prehtml: new file: translated by G. Perrier. * guide/books/planet.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * guide/books/planet/characters.fr.prehtml: new file: translated by G. Perrier. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/psypowers/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the new file. * encyclopedia/psypowers/threshold.fr.prehtml: new file: translated by G. Perrier. * guide/books/exile/notes.en.prehtml: small update. * guide/books/rediscovery/characters.fr.prehtml: small update. * guide/books/landfall/characters.fr.prehtml: small update. * guide/books/sword/characters.fr.prehtml: small update. * site/copyright.fr.prehtml: small update. * guide/books/chain/characters.fr.prehtml: small update. * encyclopedia/society/guard.fr.prehtml: small update. * guide/books/heirs/characters.fr.prehtml: small update. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: updated. * macros/novels-en.prehtml: bug fix. * macros/novels-fr.prehtml: bug fix. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: updated. * toplevel.mk ($(TARGET)): small bug fix. * guide/books/database/novels.fr.txt: updated (shadow matrix in french). * index.en.prehtml: small update. * index.fr.prehtml: small update. * fan/poll/index.en.prehtml: updated version. * fan/poll/index.fr.prehtml: updated version. * poll/poll-thank-you.en.prehtml: updated for the new macros. * poll/poll-thank-you.fr.prehtml: updated for the new macros. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: update for the new poll system. * poll/best-novel-result-footer-fr.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-result-footer-en.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-result-header-fr.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-result-header-en.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-header-en.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-header-fr.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-footer-fr.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel-footer-en.prehtml: template file. * poll/best-novel.fr.prehtml: configuration file for french best novel poll. * poll/best-novel.en.prehtml: configuration file for english best novel poll. * cgi-bin/GNUmakefile: removed old scripts. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-result.prehtml: small update to the perl code. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-submit.prehtml: small update to the perl code. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-question.prehtml: small update to the perl code. 1998-11-02 Fabrice Rossi * poll/bin/displayPollResult.pl: analysis script for poll. * poll/bin/displayPollConfig.pl: analysis script for poll. * poll/bin/displayPollBase.pl: analysis script for poll. * poll/bin/createPollResult.pl: analysis script for poll. * poll/bin/createPollBase.pl: analysis script for poll. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-submit.prehtml: new script for poll. * macros/server-a61.prehtml: same as below. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: added support for perl modules. * cgi-bin/GNUmakefile: added support for perl modules and new targets. * install.mk.prehtml: added support for perl modules. * cgi-bin/Config.pm: perl module for poll cgi-bin scripts. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-question.prehtml: new script for poll. 1998-10-28 Fabrice Rossi * fan/poll/GNUmakefile (SPECIALTITLE): updated for the new title system. * toplevel.mk: better support of alternate languages. * bin/getTitle: added a parameter for better integration into the new makefile. 1998-10-27 Fabrice Rossi * bin/startServer: htmlppserv starter script. 1998-10-25 Fabrice Rossi * GNUmakefile: added preliminary support of german and portuguese. * toplevel.mk: added preliminary support of german and portuguese. * macros/novels-de.prehtml: new file for german translation. * macros/novels-pt.prehtml: new file for portuguese translation. * macros/languageDef-de.prehtml: new file for german translation. Might need gender support (??). * macros/languageDef-pt.prehtml: new file for portuguese translation. Needs more gender support. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: new link. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: new link. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/star.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/sharra.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/thendara.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/city.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/winds.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/forbidden.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. 1998-10-24 Fabrice Rossi * guide/books/forbidden/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by G. Perrier. * guide/books/landfall/characters.fr.prehtml: updated. * poll/poll-result-table-fr.prehtml: updated (for Shadow Matrix). * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-novel-result.prehtml: updated (for Shadow Matrix). * guide/books/winds/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by G. Perrier. * guide/books/heirs/characters.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/city/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by G. Perrier. * guide/books/thendara/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by G. Perrier. * encyclopedia/society/guard.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/sharra/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by G. Perrier. * guide/books/star/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by G. Perrier. * site/lists/announce/0/GNUmakefile: updated. * index.en.prehtml: added a linux logo. * index.fr.prehtml: added a linux logo. 1998-10-18 Fabrice Rossi * site/poweredby.en.prehtml: added mhonarc. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: added mhonarc. * site/lists/announce/0/mhonarc.rc.prehtml: new file: mhonarc customization file. * site/lists/announce/0/GNUmakefile: modified to use mhonarc. * site/lists/announce/0/IdxPgEnd.en.prehtml: new file: mhonarc customization file. * site/lists/announce/0/MsgPgBegin.en.prehtml: new file: mhonarc customization file. * site/lists/announce/0/TIdxPgBegin.en.prehtml: new file: mhonarc customization file. * site/lists/announce/0/IdxPgBegin.en.prehtml: new file: mhonarc customization file. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: french fixed! * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/chain/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by Guillaume Perrier. * guide/books/sword/characters.fr.prehtml: french version by Guillaume Perrier. * site/FAQ.en.prehtml: Microsoft almost removed. * site/FAQ.fr.prehtml: Microsoft almost removed. * encyclopedia/society/guard.fr.prehtml: updated version. 1998-10-12 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: a lot of thing added. * site/copyright.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: updated: Microsoft removed. * site/poweredby.en.prehtml: updated: Microsoft removed. * site/copyright.en.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: new contributor: Thomas Edsall. * guide/books/exile/notes.en.prehtml: new file: Thomas' reading notes. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/rediscovery.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/landfall.fr.prehtml: linked to character list. * guide/books/landfall/characters.fr.prehtml: new file, translated by Guillaume Perrier. * guide/books/rediscovery/characters.fr.prehtml: new file, translated by Guillaume Perrier. * macros/novels-en.prehtml: new file: english novel pages. * macros/novels-fr.prehtml: new file: french novel pages. * macros/novels.prehtml: hits file is now language independant. * macros/languageDef-en.prehtml: new file: english messages. Added novel related texts. * macros/languageDef-fr.prehtml: new file: french messages. Added novel related texts. * macros/languageDef.prehtml: modified to simplify the translation process. 1998-10-11 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * fan/poll/poll.en.prehtml: same as below. * fan/poll/poll.fr.prehtml: updated for shadow matrix. * fan/poll/selector.prehtml: new file. * fan/poll/poll-bad-vote.en.prehtml: new file. * fan/poll/poll-bad-vote.fr.prehtml: new file. * poll/updateResult: new script: convert old votes to new ones. * poll/displayResult: updated to work with Shadow Matrix. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-novel-submit.prehtml: updated to work with Shadow Matrix and to disallow some incorrect votes. * poll/createResult: updated to work with Shadow Matrix. 1998-10-05 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: updated. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: updated. Added shadow matrix. * guide/books/planet.en.prehtml: linked to the character page. * guide/books/planet/characters.en.prehtml: new file by P. Peltonen. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: updated. Added shadow matrix. * encyclopedia/characters/novels.characters.fr.prehtml: linked to heirs of hammerfell character page. * guide/books/heirs.fr.prehtml: linked to the character page. * guide/books/heirs/characters.fr.prehtml: new file, translated by G. Perrier. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: Added a link to Petri's mailing list page. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: link corrected. Added a link to Petri's mailing list page. 1998-10-04 Fabrice Rossi * guide/books/shadow.fr.prehtml: new file. * guide/books/shadow.en.prehtml: new file. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.fr.prehtml: added shadow matrix. * guide/books/novels.publication-time.fr.prehtml: added shadow matrix. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.en.prehtml: added shadow matrix. * guide/books/novels.publication-time.en.prehtml: added shadow matrix. * guide/books/novels.alpha.en.prehtml: added shadow matrix. * guide/books/novels.alpha.fr.prehtml: added shadow matrix. * site/lists/announce/index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the archives. * site/lists/index.fr.prehtml: new file. * site/lists/announce/index.en.prehtml: added a link to the archives. * site/lists/studies/index.en.prehtml: new file: description of darkover-studies. * site/lists/index.en.prehtml: new file. * index.fr.prehtml: link to darkover-announce corrected. * index.en.prehtml: link to darkover-announce corrected. * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: link to darkover-announce corrected. * fan/mailing.en.prehtml: link to darkover-announce corrected. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: link to darkover-announce corrected. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: link to darkover-announce corrected. 1998-10-03 Fabrice Rossi * macros/style-char.prehtml: support of fullnames. * postgresql/buildPages.pl (display_appearance): added support of fullnames. * macros/style-char.prehtml: added preliminary support of wedding information. * encyclopedia/characters/GNUmakefile (pages): added the pages target: rebuild characters pages from the database. * postgresql/buildPages.pl (display_wedding): added preliminary support of wedding information. * macros/style-char.prehtml: small bug corrected. * postgresql/buildPages.pl (display_books): small bugs corrected. * site/download.fr.prehtml: same as below. * site/download.en.prehtml: added more precise instruction for mirroring. 1998-10-02 Fabrice Rossi * macros/style-mail.prehtml: new macro file used for building the mailing list archive. * bin/mail2html.pl: new script used to translate the darkover-announce archive from mail to prehtml format. * GNUmakefile: added to targets (kill and start) for controlling the server. 1998-10-01 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: started to document the database. * postgresql/buildPages.pl (add_emph): add style to quotation. 1998-09-30 Fabrice Rossi * GNUmakefile: new version: use htmlppserv. Much better. * toplevel.mk: new version: use htmlppserv. 1998-09-27 Fabrice Rossi * macros/style-char.prehtml: updated for gender and appearance support. * macros/languageDef.prehtml: updated for appearance support. * bin/htmlppwrap: new (buggy) version: it uses htmlppserv. 1998-09-26 Fabrice Rossi * macros/style-char.prehtml: updated to take into account renunciates. * postgresql/buildPages.pl: modified to take into account renunciates (preliminary support). 1998-09-25 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/society/index.fr.prehtml: linked to the guard page. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: added Guillaume Perrier to the list. * encyclopedia/society/guard.fr.prehtml: new page written by Guillaume Perrier. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: updated (broken links and emails removed) * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: added Thea. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: linked to filk page. * fan/project.en.prehtml: linked to filk page. * fan/filk.en.prehtml: added a page about filk music. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: new link added. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: new link added. 1998-09-23 Fabrice Rossi * site/mirror.en.prehtml: new mirrors added. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: new mirrors added. 1998-09-21 Fabrice Rossi * macros/character.prehtml: modified for the new directory organisation. * macros/style-char.prehtml: added new macros. * macros/languageDef.prehtml: added new messages (in character description pages). * fan/GNUmakefile: added some files to install. * fan/project.en.prehtml: added a note about filk music. * fan/project.fr.prehtml: added a note about filk music. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: new mirror added. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: new links added. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: new links added. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: new mirror added. * fan/poll/GNUmakefile: small bug corrected. * site/GNUmakefile: small bug corrected. * site/lists/GNUmakefile: small bug corrected. 1998-09-20 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/characters/novels.characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this page. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.total.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this page. * encyclopedia/characters/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this page. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * macros/main.prehtml: switch to HTML 4.0 Transitional DTD. * encyclopedia/geography/thendara.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/heirs/summary.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/stormqueen.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/sharra.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/heritage/quotation.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/novels.publication-time.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * fan/project.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * fan/poll/poll.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * fan/poll/poll-thank-you.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/names.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/characters/index.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/people/hastur.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/characters/ftree.index.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * fan/first.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/exile.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/geography/cottman-iv.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/people/comyn.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/geography/comyn-castle.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/people/colons.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * encyclopedia/history/chrono.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * guide/books/bloody.fr.prehtml: update by B. Fournier. * htdig/GNUmakefile: updated for the new building system. * poll/GNUmakefile: updated for the new building system. * install.mk.prehtml: new file for installation variables. * bin/GNUmakefile: updated for the new building system. * cgi-bin/GNUmakefile: updated for the new building system. * GNUmakefile: updated for the new building system. * site/copyright.fr.prehtml: small fix. * images/GNUmakefile: new makefile for images installation. * toplevel.mk: new file: replace GUNmakefile as the top level file. The building process has been greatly improved. * guide/books/GNUmakefile: modified to handle the new building process. * bin/getTitle: simplified thanks to the ABSOLUTEPATH variable. 1998-09-16 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/characters/characters.total.fr.prehtml: uses now a perl generated list of characters (buildIndex makes it) * encyclopedia/characters/index.fr.prehtml: updated (no more special character lists). * postgresql/buildIndex.pl: new perl script that extracts from the database the list of character pages. * postgresql/buildPages.pl: new perl script used to procude character pages from the darkover database. * encyclopedia/characters/macros.prehtml: updated to include the new macro file. * macros/style-char.prehtml: new macro file: contains the style declaration used by character descriptions. * macros/languageDef.prehtml: updated to add character description related macros. 1998-09-14 Fabrice Rossi * site/lists/list-bad-email.fr.prehtml: new result page for bad email address. * site/lists/list-bad-email.en.prehtml: new result page for bad email address. * cgi-bin/darkover-ml-sub-request.prehtml: modified to check the email address. * site/lists/sub-unsub-announce.fr.prehtml: same as below. * site/lists/sub-unsub-announce.en.prehtml: quoted some variables. * site/htmlpp.en.prehtml: same as below. * site/htmlpp.fr.prehtml: replaced > by > * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.total.fr.prehtml: this file use now the #char macro. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.novels.fr.prehtml: this file use now the #char macro. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.history.fr.prehtml: this file use now the #char macro. * macros/character.prehtml: the real <#char> macro has been disabled to remove broken links until the character section is ready. * encyclopedia/people/comyn.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/history/timeline.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/geography/thendara.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/geography/nevarsin.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/geography/comyn-castle.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/society/comyn-council.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/society/compact.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/society/compact.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/society/comyn-council.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/towers.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/matrix.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/history.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/towers.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/matrix.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/history.fr.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * guide/books/heritage.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * guide/books/subcycles.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * guide/books/rediscovery.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. * guide/books/sharra/characters.en.prehtml: cleaned up some links. 1998-09-13 Fabrice Rossi * macros/character.prehtml: new file for character related macros. 1998-09-12 Fabrice Rossi * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: updated for new installation. * index.en.prehtml: new headlines. Some look modifications. * index.fr.prehtml: new headlines. Some look modifications. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * index.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * site/about_this_site.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/society/languages.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/intro.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/characters/index.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/history/chrono.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/people/hastur.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/psypowers/matrix.fr.prehtml: slightly updated. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/society/comyn-council.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/people/comyn.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/people/colons.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/psypowers/towers.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/geography/thendara.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/geography/nevarsin.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/geography/comyn-castle.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * encyclopedia/geography/cottman-iv.fr.prehtml: fixed some typos. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: added a link to Jaelle's page. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: added a link to Jaelle's page. * GNUmakefile: modified to build automatically an index.var file. * index.var: new template file use for content negotiation. * bin/createArchive: new script for archive creation. Sun Sep 6 17:37:37 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/download.en.prehtml: new version. * site/download.fr.prehtml: new version. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: added ftp macro. * macros/server-a61.prehtml: added ftp macro. * index.fr.prehtml: same as below. * index.en.prehtml: updated to use the new style. * macros/style.prehtml: new macros for list. * encyclopedia/people/comyn.en.prehtml: updated to use the translator macro. * encyclopedia/society/languages.en.prehtml: as above. * encyclopedia/society/compact.en.prehtml: as above. * encyclopedia/society/comyn-council.en.prehtml: as above. * encyclopedia/psypowers/towers.en.prehtml: as above. * encyclopedia/psypowers/history.en.prehtml: as above. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.en.prehtml: as above. * encyclopedia/psypowers/matrix.en.prehtml: as above. * macros/languageDef.prehtml: added translator related text. * macros/author.prehtml: updated to include a link to the copyright page and to allow translator reference. * site/copyright.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/copyright.en.prehtml: updated. * fan/poll/poll.fr.prehtml: small mistake between surname and first name. * poll/GNUmakefile: added dependencies. * macros/server-a61.prehtml: added poll macros. Thu Sep 3 09:30:58 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: updated. * guide/index.en.prehtml: added a link to the poll section. * guide/books/index.en.prehtml: added a link to the poll section. * fan/project.en.prehtml: added a link to the poll section. * index.en.prehtml: added a link to the poll section. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-novel-submit.prehtml: updated to add locking. * fan/poll/index.en.prehtml: index added to the title. * fan/poll/index.fr.prehtml: index added to the title. Wed Sep 2 22:29:28 1998 Fabrice Rossi * poll/poll-result-footer-en.prehtml: new file: poll result template. * poll/poll-result-header-en.prehtml: new file: poll result template. * fan/poll/poll-thank-you.en.prehtml: new file: poll submission result. * fan/poll/poll-bad-email.en.prehtml: new file: poll submission result. * fan/poll/poll-already-voted.en.prehtml: new file: poll submission result. * fan/poll/poll.en.prehtml: new file: poll submission form. * fan/poll/macros.prehtml: added the big selection macro. * fan/poll/poll.fr.prehtml: the big selection macro is no more here. * fan/poll/index.en.prehtml: new file: poll description. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-novel-submit.prehtml: added mail notification. Mon Aug 31 19:20:42 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: as below. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: added new project. * poll/poll-result-table-fr.prehtml: new file: poll result template. * poll/poll-result-header-fr.prehtml: new file: poll result template. * poll/poll-result-footer-fr.prehtml: new file: poll result template. * fan/poll/poll-already-voted.fr.prehtml: new file: poll submission result. * fan/poll/poll-bad-email.fr.prehtml: new file: poll submission result. * fan/poll/poll-thank-you.fr.prehtml: new file: poll submission result. * dirs.mk: added poll directory. * bin/createInstallPoll.prehtml: new file: poll installation script. * GNUmakefile: added dependancies for poll installation script. * bin/GNUmakefile: added poll installation script. * poll/poll-files.prehtml: new file: lists poll template files. * poll/GNUmakefile: new file for poll template files. * cgi-bin/cgi-bin-files.prehtml: added new files. * cgi-bin/GNUmakefile: added new files. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-novel-result.prehtml: new source file the poll cgi bin. * cgi-bin/darkover-poll-novel-submit.prehtml: new source file for the poll cgi bin. * index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the new poll pages. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: no more constraint on the column size (this is ugly). * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: new variables for poll cgi scripts configuration. * fan/poll/index.fr.prehtml: new page: main page for the poll pages. * fan/project.fr.prehtml: added a link to the new poll pages. * guide/books/index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the new poll pages. * guide/index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the new poll pages. Fri Aug 28 19:57:53 1998 Fabrice Rossi * fan/pool/pool.fr.prehtml: new file for a darkover pool. Thu Aug 27 13:36:23 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: added author defining macros. Wed Aug 26 11:11:59 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml (macros): updated to include directory referencing macros. Updated to include hyperlinking macro. Added the mandatory macros. * site/contribution.fr.prehtml: same as below. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: updated mails addresses. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: same as below. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: removed broken links. Added a web ring section and some links. Sun Aug 23 18:28:42 1998 Fabrice Rossi * guide/short-stories/cycle-legendes.fr.html: new file for the new french anthology. * guide/short-stories/base-list.en: corrected a small problem with one author's name. * guide/short-stories/book-list: added the new french anthology. * guide/short-stories/base-list.en2fr: added newly translated short stories. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: removed references to the fr.darkover.org domain which is broken. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: same as above. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: updated version (no more broken links to darkover.org). * site/mirror.en.prehtml: updated version (no more broken links to darkover.org). * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: updated version. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: new version, with updated links. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: added Petri's Neskaya tower to the link page. Sun Aug 16 19:03:23 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/languageDef.prehtml: added the link text for the link to the link page (!). * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: added a link to the link page. * global.paths.prehtml: added a macro for referencing to the link page. * fan/mailing.en.prehtml: removed link to Rodrigo's pages which do not exist any more. * fan/rpg.en.prehtml: added a link. * fan/internet.en.prehtml: new version, taking into account more links and removing links to darkover.org. * a_lot_of_files!: fixed some typos. Sun Jun 14 15:48:10 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: updated look (more compact). * site/mirror.en.prehtml: updated look (more compact). Thu Jun 11 22:17:02 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/languageDef.prehtml: new file for easier translation into other languages. * bin/htmlppwrap: added a work around for a bug (or feature) in htmlpp. * GNUmakefile: same thing as above. * macros/author.prehtml: modified to allow easier translation into other languages. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: modified to allow easier translation into other languages. * macros/main.prehtml: modified to allow easier translation into other languages. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: modified to use the new list style. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: modified to use the new list style. * site/new.en.prehtml: modified to use the new list style and updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: modified to use the new list style. * macros/main.prehtml: small modification to lastmodif in order to avoid spurious white spaces. * macros/style.prehtml: added new style for lists. Mon Jun 8 21:58:53 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/htmlpp.en.prehtml: english version. * site/example.en.prehtml: new file, example for the htmlpp tutorial. * site/try.en.prehtml: new file, example for the htmlpp tutorial. * site/poweredby.en.prehtml: added qmail and ezmlm. * site/lists/index.fr.prehtml: updated version. * site/htmlpp.fr.prehtml: updated version. * site/FAQ.fr.prehtml: updated version. * guide/books/winds/characters.en.prehtml: updated version. * guide/books/landfall/characters.en.prehtml: updated version. * guide/books/exile/characters.en.prehtml: updated version. * guide/books/bloody/characters.en.prehtml: updated version. Mon Jun 1 09:29:38 1998 Fabrice Rossi * htdig/footer.fr.prehtml: same thing. * htdig/footer.en.prehtml: no more source link. * htdig/htdig-darkover-en.prehtml (exclude_urls): same thing. * htdig/htdig-darkover-fr.prehtml (exclude_urls): updated to exclude prehtml files. * encyclopedia/intro.fr.prehtml: small update (added a link). * site/how-to-contribute.fr.prehtml: small update. * site/exemple.fr.prehtml: another example for the tutorial. * site/essai.fr.prehtml: example for the tutorial. * site/htmlpp.fr.prehtml: new file: a VERY small htmlpp tutorial. * site/poweredby.en.prehtml: keywords updated. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: keywords updated. * GNUmakefile: fixed a small bug when ABSOLUTEPATH is empty. Sun May 31 17:09:30 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/main.prehtml: server.prehtml is now included everywhere because of the src thing. * GNUmakefile: updated to give the "absolute path" to scripts that need it. * bin/htmlppwrap: updated to handle absolute path. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: new path macro. * GNUmakefile: updated to allow installation of cgi-bin scripts. * bin/createInstallCgibin: new script. * cgi-bin/cgi-bin-files.prehtml: new file, cgi-bin scripts to install. * cgi-bin/GNUmakefile: updated to include a new file. * macros/main.prehtml: modified to add a link to the source file. * index.en.prehtml: added a link to the mailing list presentation. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: updated. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: updated. * site/new.en.prehtml: listed modifications. * site/lists/index.en.prehtml: new file for the mailing list presentation. * site/lists/ok-announce.en.prehtml: new file for cgi-bin acknowledgment. * site/lists/sub-unsub-announce.en.prehtml: new file for mailing list submission. * macros/GNUmakefile: changed LANG into LANGUAGES. * guide/books/GNUmakefile: changed LANG into LANGUAGES. * config.mk: changed LANG into LANGUAGES. * index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the mailing list presentation. * site/new.fr.prehtml: listed modifications. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: added a link for qmail and another one for ezmlm. * site/lists/index.fr.prehtml: new file for the mailing list presentation. * site/index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the mailing list presentation. * site/lists/ok-announce.fr.prehtml: new file for cgi-bin acknowledgment. * dirs.mk (DIRS): added cgi-bin to the sub-directories. * site/dirs.mk (DIRS): added lists in the sub-directories. * site/lists/sub-unsub-announce.fr.prehtml: new page for subscription to the darkover-announce mailing list. * cgi-bin/darkover-ml-sub-request.prehtml: new file in a new directory. This cgi-bin script allows to handle web subscription to the darkover mailing lists. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: new macro for the mailing list related cgi-bins. Sat May 23 12:46:15 1998 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/society/languages.en.prehtml: updated with Antti's contribution. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: listed Petri's and Antti's contributions. * site/new.en.prehtml: listed Petri's and Antti's contributions. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: modified to take into account new pages. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: modified to take into account new pages. * guide/books/exile.en.prehtml: modified to link to the character list. * guide/books/exile/characters.en.prehtml: new file contributed by Petri Peltonen. * guide/books/bloody.en.prehtml: modified to link to the character list. * guide/books/bloody/characters.en.prehtml: new file contributed by Petri Peltonen. * guide/books/winds.en.prehtml: modified to link to the character list. * guide/books/winds/characters.en.prehtml: new file contributed by Petri Peltonen. * guide/books/star.en.prehtml: modified to link to the character list. * guide/books/star/characters.en.prehtml: new file contributed by Petri Peltonen. * guide/books/landfall.en.prehtml: modified to link to the character list. * guide/books/landfall/characters.en.prehtml: new file contributed by Petri Peltonen. Thu May 14 14:25:33 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: updated the doc to briefly explain the htdig installation process. * bin/createInstallHtdig.prehtml: new script for htdig installation. * GNUmakefile (install): updated to add an install target. * bin/GNUmakefile: new makefile for building scripts that depends on macros (or things like that). * dirs.mk (DIRS): added bin to the subdirs. * htdig/GNUmakefile: fixed. * htdig/htdig-files.prehtml: new files. Allows to specify which files related to htdig must be installed and where. * bin/createInstall.prehtml: new script. Its goal is to build an install script for the compiled pages. It uses server.prehtml. * doc/design.sgml: added information about server related macros. This part of the documentation is almost complete now. added the force option to the ref macro documentation. * encyclopedia/intro.fr.prehtml: updated version. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: corrected Counter call. * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: small fix. * index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the FAQ. * site/index.fr.prehtml: added a link to the FAQ. * site/FAQ.fr.prehtml: new page: answers to FAQ in french. * site/index.en.prehtml: added a link to the FAQ. * index.en.prehtml: added a link to the FAQ. * site/FAQ.en.prehtml: new page: answers to FAQ. Fri May 8 11:00:44 1998 Fabrice Rossi * guide/short-stories/real-darkover.en.prehtml: broken header fixed. * guide/books/hawkmistress/characters.en.prehtml: broken tag fixed. * guide/books/planet.en.prehtml: useless closing tag removed. * macros/novels.prehtml: opening tag instead of closing tag corrected. * guide/names.en.prehtml: small typo fixed. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: broken links fixed. * site/old-new.en.prehtml: same separation in english. * site/new.en.prehtml: same separation in english. * site/old-new.fr.prehtml: Change file for before 1998. * site/new.fr.prehtml: news page splitted. * index.fr.prehtml: Switch from alpha to beta version. * index.en.prehtml: removed the reference to the hierarchical index and added a reference to the search engine. Switch from alpha to beta version. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/people/comyn.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/society/languages.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/society/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/society/comyn-council.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/society/compact.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/geography/marion-and-map.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.click.fr.prehtml: same trick. * encyclopedia/geography/domains-map.fr.prehtml: added a small trick to remove a presentation bug under netscape 3. * encyclopedia/geography/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/history/timeline.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/history/chrono.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/history/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * encyclopedia/psypowers/threshold.en.html: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/psypowers/towers.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/psypowers/matrix.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/psypowers/history.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/psypowers/index.en.html: prehtml version. * encyclopedia/intro.en.prehtml: prehtml version. Tue May 5 23:23:51 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: added more documentation about services and the server.prehtml file. Sun May 3 12:44:49 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: added documentation about services and the server.prehtml file. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: broken link fixed. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: broken link fixed. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: added the search link to all pages. * htdig/footer.en.prehtml: new file: english search. * htdig/header.en.prehtml: new file: english search. * htdig/nomatch.en.prehtml: new file: english search. * htdig/syntax.en.prehtml: new file: english search. * htdig/htdig-darkover-en.prehtml: new file: english search configuration file. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: small modification in order to allow english configuration file for htdig. * site/search/index.en.prehtml: new file: english search. * guide/books/forbidden/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/real-darkover.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/non-guidelines.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/history.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/friends.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * bin/buildAuthorList-en: new perl script for automatic generation of author list. * guide/short-stories/author.index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/GNUmakefile: new targets for english short stories presentation. * guide/short-stories/short-story.index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * bin/buildSSList-en: new perl script for generation of the short story list. * guide/short-stories/marion.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/book.index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/towers.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/sword-of-chaos.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/snows.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/renunciates.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/red-sun.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/other-side.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/keepers-price.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/four-moons.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/domains.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/amazons.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/short-stories/buildEnglishBook.pl: new perl script for building short stories list. * guide/short-stories/leroni.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/winds.en.prehtml: fixed a broken link. * guide/books/winds/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/dirs.mk (DIRS): added a lot of subdirectories. * guide/books/sword/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/star/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/sharra/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/sharra/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/rediscovery/inconsistencies.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/rediscovery/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/forbidden/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/city/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/chain/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/heirs/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/heirs/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/conquer/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/stormqueen/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/stormqueen/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. Sat May 2 13:48:22 1998 Fabrice Rossi * guide/books/heritage/timeline.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/heritage/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/heritage/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/hawkmistress/characters.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/hawkmistress/summary.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/index.en.prehtml: small update. * guide/books/subcycles.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: added latest news. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: added latest news. * guide/books/GNUmakefile: new targets for foreign editions pages. * bin/buildForeign.pl: new perl script for automatic generation of foreign edition pages. * guide/books/database/language.txt: new database file for mapping between language code and language name. Fri May 1 17:59:17 1998 Fabrice Rossi * guide/books/foreign.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * macros/novels.prehtml: added reliminary support for italian and for spanish. * config.mk: added spanish (es) to the LANG variable. * guide/books/database/novels.es.txt: new database file for spanish translations. Thu Apr 16 15:42:15 1998 Fabrice Rossi * guide/books/database/novels.de.txt: new database file for german translations. * macros/GNUmakefile: make it include config.mk and removed the LANG variable. * GNUmakefile: make it include config.mk * guide/books/GNUmakefile: removed the LANG variable (now defined in config.mk). * config.mk: new file for some global makefile configuration (needed because some makefiles do not include the toplevel makefile for very good reasons). The LANG variable is defined there and includes now italian and german. * macros/novels.prehtml: added preliminary support for italian and for german. Added a simple way (nolink parameter) to remove the autolinking from english pages to foreign pages about a given novel. This is only a first version. The correct one should check for the existence of the corresponding file before making the link. Modified some macros to "improve" the look. * guide/books/database/novels.it.txt: new database file for italian translations. Wed Apr 15 19:32:29 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/novels.prehtml: added portuguese in the supported languages (preliminary support only!). * guide/books/GNUmakefile: added portuguese to the LANG macro. * macros/GNUmakefile: added portuguese to the LANG macro. It should be set elsewhere. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: small typo fixed. * site/rewrite.fr.prehtml: small typo fixed. * guide/books/database/novels.pt.txt: new database file for portuguese translations. * guide/books/database/novels.jp.txt: new database file for japanese translations. * bin/getTitle: small update to take into account the title format update. Sat Mar 28 11:11:52 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: added information about fr.darkover.org. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: added information about fr.darkover.org. * site/copyright.en.prehtml: small update of mirroring conditions. * site/copyright.fr.prehtml: small update of mirroring conditions. * site/about_this_site.en.prehtml: small presentation update. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: small update. * site/about_this_site.fr.prehtml: small presentation update. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: small update to reflect the fact mirrors do not contain the new alpha version of the site. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: small update to reflect the fact mirrors do not contain the new alpha version of the site. Wed Mar 18 22:00:00 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/main.prehtml: re-added the missing statement (it was suppressed during a stupid update). Changed the naming scheme: Darkover is now added to the end of the title so that the true title of the page is now the first part of the whole title and should appear in history lists and similar things. * bin/findDirs: modified to take into account dirs-* files. * dirs-yes: directories that will be included in the normal distribution process (and that do not contain any dirs.mk). * dirs-not: directories that won't be included in the normal distribution process. * bin/buildDescription.pl: this perl script builds prehtml description of novels from the novel description tables. * bin/buildAssoc.pl: this perl script builds a perl module from novel description tables. * macros/GNUmakefile: new file for building a perl module from novel description tables. * guide/books/GNUmakefile: highly modified to included automatic rebuild of novel description macros from the novel description tables. Tue Mar 17 22:34:10 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/server.prehtml: switch to inclusion based configuration. * macros/server-localhost.prehtml: new file: localhost configuration for server.prehtml. * bin/put_date_simple_fr: this script works only when launched by distrib. * distrib.template.end: some modification for a better handling of script location. * bin/french_month: new shell script that translate month names from english to french. * htdig/syntax.fr.prehtml: moved from site/search to here. * htdig/nomatch.fr.prehtml: moved from site/search to here. * htdig/header.fr.prehtml: moved from site/search to here. * htdig/footer.fr.prehtml: moved from site/search to here. * htdig/special-macros.prehtml: new file for rundig and htdig.conf. * site/search/GNUmakefile: reverted to a very simple makefile as there is no more special files here. * macros/server.prehtml: added a new macro: path to htdig template files. * htdig/htdig-darkover-fr.prehtml: updated to take into account new localization for htdig header, footer, etc. * htdig/GNUmakefile: updated to add correct dependencies for rundig and htdig.conf. Updated also to handle correctly htdig header, footer, etc. Mon Mar 16 21:08:55 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * site/new.fr.prehtml: updated. * guide/books/GNUmakefile: added some dependencies. This is not really fast. Once again, I need to rethink the htmlpp wrapper. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: added petri's e-mail. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: small modification. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: small modification. * distrib.template.end: added a small sed command to remove my silly nickname and replace it by my true name! * guide/books/exile.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/wreckers.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/planet.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/sharra.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/heritage.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/bloody.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/winds.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/star.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/city.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/thendara.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/forbidden.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/sword.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/chain.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/rediscovery.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/conquer.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/heirs.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/hawkmistress.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/stormqueen.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * guide/books/landfall.en.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * macros/novels.prehtml: new version of this macro definition file used for novel description. * guide/books/macros.prehtml: small modification: novels.prehtml is now included directly by files that need it. * encyclopedia/history/chrono.fr.prehtml: changed some anchors. * encyclopedia/geography/thendara.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * encyclopedia/people/hastur.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/laran.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/towers.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * encyclopedia/geography/domains.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * encyclopedia/society/compact.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * encyclopedia/psypowers/history.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.en.prehtml: updated history related links. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.fr.prehtml: updated history related links. Sun Mar 15 18:13:49 1998 Fabrice Rossi * fan/mailing.en.prehtml: added a link to Rodrigo's page about darkover.org mailing lists. * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: added a link to Rodrigo's page about darkover.org mailing lists. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: added new mirrors. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: added new mirror maintainers (need to check Petri's email!). * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: added new mirrors. * htdig/rundig-fr.prehtml: source file for the htdig installation script. * htdig/htdig-darkover-fr.prehtml: this new file is the source for htdig-darkover-fr.conf, the configuration file of the search engine. It uses the server.prehtml file in order to enforce a one file customization policy. * htdig/GNUmakefile: new makefile, not a recursive one! * macros/server.prehtml: new macros (server::*) for enhanced distribution configuration. Fri Mar 13 21:36:33 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: added some macros. Wed Mar 4 20:56:30 1998 Fabrice Rossi * GNUmakefile: small modification to allow overriding of title targets. * site/search/GNUmakefile: special construct to avoid inclusion of htdig files in the global index. * macros/novelsCite.prehtml: new version based on the Assoc module. * macros/main.prehtml: novelTitle is not needed anymore, thanks to assoc. * macros/Assoc.pm: perl module for association between novel key and novel information. This module is automatically generated from a small novel "database" by another perl script! * macros/assoc.prehtml: new file: interface with a perl module. * index.en.prehtml: the counter is now called through a htmlpp macro. * index.fr.prehtml: the counter is now called through a htmlpp macro. * site/search/index.fr.prehtml: modification in order to use htdig macros. * macros/server.prehtml: this new file is used to define macros that allow to localize the server of the Darkover Site and the services it can provide. * site/search/syntax.fr.prehtml: new page for htdig. * site/search/nomatch.fr.prehtml: new page for htdig. * site/search/header.fr.prehtml: new page for htdig. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: small modification to allow dynamical redefinition of the main path. * site/search/footer.fr.prehtml: new page for htdig. * global.paths.prehtml: small modification to allow dynamical redefinition of the main path. Sun Mar 1 18:04:12 1998 Fabrice Rossi * index.fr.prehtml: links modified in order to present the rewrite project. * site/new.fr.prehtml: update. * site/index.fr.prehtml: added links to the rewrite project description. * site/rewrite-status.fr.prehtml: new page (status of the rewrite in french). * site/rewrite.fr.prehtml: new page (goals of the rewrite in french). * site/new.en.prehtml: update. * special-files: the new file allows to specify files to include in the distribution. * bin/newFile: small modification to include the ChangeLog in the distribution. * site/index.en.prehtml: added links to rewrite project description. * index.en.prehtml: links modified in order to present the rewrite project. * site/rewrite.en.prehtml: new file about the rewrite project. * site/rewrite-status.en.prehtml: new file about the prehtml rewrite status. * fan/mailing.en.prehtml: same change. * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: small change is the mailing list presentation. Sun Feb 22 21:49:42 1998 Fabrice Rossi * doc/design.sgml: added some important novel description macros. Sat Feb 21 15:24:23 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/novelsTitle.prehtml: improved version of a htmlpp macro (now translated into perl). * macros/novelsCite.prehtml: improved version of a htmlpp macro (now translated into perl). * doc/design.sgml: Added guidelines for seperation between perl parts and htmlpp parts. Started to document important macros. Wed Feb 18 22:25:01 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/main.prehtml: improved version of a perl macro which computes hyper links. Tue Feb 17 21:09:10 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/new.fr.prehtml: new stuff added. * site/new.en.prehtml: new stuff added. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: new contributor. * site/mirror.en.prehtml: new mirror site in Germany. * site/mirror.fr.prehtml: new mirror site in Germany. Fri Feb 6 22:37:36 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/main.prehtml: footer macro is useless. I only need to redefine htmlpp::body::end ! Thu Feb 5 20:52:04 1998 Fabrice Rossi * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.fr.prehtml: modify in order to use global macros for paths. * guide/books/novels.alpha.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/novels.publication-time.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/novels.darkover-time.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/books/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/mzb.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/names.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * guide/index.en.prehtml: prehtml version. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: small modification of an almost meaningless sentence. Wed Feb 4 10:01:16 1998 Fabrice Rossi * GNUmakefile: added a distrib target which should enhance the distribution procedure. * bin/checkSource: small script that check if each html file in a directory has a corresponding source file. * GNUmakefile: added targets for checking the existence of source file for each html file. * global.paths.prehtml: added a few paths. * encyclopedia/people/hastur.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. Tue Feb 3 22:29:31 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: modified in order to give a link to the search engine in the navigation table. * global.paths.prehtml: added the search page path. * site/search/header.fr.html: local version of htdig result file. This is NOT currently a htmlpp file. * site/search/footer.fr.html: local version of htdig result file. This is NOT currently a htmlpp file. * site/search/nomatch.fr.html: local version of htdig result file. This is NOT currently a htmlpp file. * site/search/syntax.fr.html: local version of htdig result file. This is NOT currently a htmlpp file. * site/search/index.fr.prehtml: new file that allows to use htdig in order to search the darkover site. * bin/htmlppwrap: modification to implement the dirty trick... * GNUmakefile: added a rather dirty trick that allows to rebuild an entire directory based on general dependicies and collaborative comportement by htmlppwrap. Sat Jan 24 13:42:14 1998 Fabrice Rossi * bin/htmlppwrap: new wrapper script for htmlpp: allows to speedp up compilation. * GNUmakefile: modification to improve compilation speed. * encyclopedia/characters/ftree.index.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.history.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.novels.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * encyclopedia/characters/novels.characters.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * encyclopedia/characters/characters.total.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. * encyclopedia/characters/index.fr.prehtml: prehtml version of this file. Mon Jan 19 22:20:08 1998 Fabrice Rossi * index.en.prehtml: updated the small introduction line about alpha version. * index.fr.prehtml: updated the small introduction line about alpha version. * GNUmakefile: added targets so that html-file lists are automatically generated from prehtml files. * bin/findDirs: new small shell script to find directories to be distribute. * new-file: small modifications so that the distribution works better. A lot of work is still needed on this (it works, but it is not very clean). Sun Jan 18 19:00:43 1998 Fabrice Rossi * fan/rpg.fr.prehtml: small modifications in order to reflect that there is no link between me and the rpg project. * index.en.prehtml: new presentation, no more advertising for the darkover.org mailing lists, alpha version presentation. * index.fr.prehtml: small update for the new presentation. Thu Jan 15 20:54:46 1998 Fabrice Rossi * index.fr.prehtml: small update: no more advertising about darkover.org mailing lists. added a small text saying this site is in an alpha version. * macros/author.prehtml: small update for avoid netscape 3.x nested tables bug. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: same as below. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: modified once more the table in a ultimate try to avoid netscape 4.x bugs. * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: completely new version taking into account the end of my support to rodrigo's lists. * fan/project.fr.prehtml: new file about ongoing Darkover project. * fan/internet.fr.prehtml: new file about Darkover links. * fan/first.fr.prehtml: new file about the first Darkover fans. * fan/index.fr.prehtml: modification of this file which is really now a simple index. * guide/index.fr.prehtml: small presentation error fixed. Tue Jan 13 21:41:10 1998 Fabrice Rossi * macros/novels.prehtml: modification of the presentation for novel informations. Fix for table problems. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: small update for fixing table problems (end tag needed for tr and td with netscape 3.x). Added a fixed size for the main text colum. * macros/main.prehtml: small update for fixing table problems. Mon Jan 12 21:50:51 1998 Fabrice Rossi * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: small modification to allow on the fly rendering of the main table. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: same as above. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: brand new version for the new presentation. It seems that the use of table inside table breaks almost everything so the new presentation might be harder to implement (at least with old browsers). * macros/main.prehtml: some modification to switch to html 4.0 (transitional) and to implement the new presentation (basically a modification of the footer macro). Thu Dec 18 17:46:39 1997 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/index.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: corrected a small mistake in a link. * fan/: this subdirectory is now as complete as the french one (until next modification!). * fan/rpg.en.prehtml: new file, translated from the french version. * fan/photo.en.prehtml: new file, translated from the french version. * GNUmakefile: removed a modification that broke the building of the global indexes. * site/new.en.prehtml: updated. * fan/mailing.en.prehtml: new file: a big rewrite from the original one (because of the new lists). * fan/mailing.fr.prehtml: small update. * fan/concordance.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * fan/index.en.prehtml: completely new file, translated from french. * index.en.prehtml: small update: the site as now THREE parts. Tue Dec 16 18:47:52 1997 Fabrice Rossi * bin/removeArticle-en: new script for removing article but in english. * GNUmakefile: big update to build the english global index. Includes also a clean way to deal with missing TitleList. * site/index.global.en.prehtml: new file. * site/GNUmakefile: updated for english global index. * site/poweredby.en.prehtml: completely new file about the softwares I use to build the Site. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: small update about emacs and red hat. * site/copyright.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: added image sizes in img tags. * site/ongoing.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. Mon Dec 15 21:36:36 1997 Fabrice Rossi * site/mirror.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. Needs an update to include German and Finish mirrors. * site/new.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * site/new.fr.prehtml: suppression of an useless

. * site/download.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * encyclopedia/people/chieri.fr.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. This is a very old file which should be reworked. * encyclopedia/people/index.fr.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * encyclopedia/people/colons.fr.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. This is a very old file which should be reworked. * encyclopedia/people/comyn.fr.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. * GNUmakefile: added a way to build automatically subdirectories makefile. * site/contribution.en.prehtml: new file: htmlpp version of the original one. Sun Dec 14 18:49:26 1997 Fabrice Rossi * site/how-to-contribute.en.prehtml: new file: updated version of the original one. * site/how-to-contribute.fr.prehtml: small update (I accept applix format for submission). * site/index.fr.prehtml: small update (there are now several mailing lists). * site/about_this_site.fr.prehtml: replaced an UL by an OL. * site/about_this_site.en.prehtml: new file: updated version of the original one. * site/index.en.prehtml: new file: updated version of the original one. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: better definition of the navigation table which is now multilingual (currently french and english). Sat Dec 13 13:49:16 1997 Fabrice Rossi * index.en.prehtml: first attempt of an english file. A lot of work is still needed. * doc/design.sgml: started to document the design of the Darkover Site. The doc is written in SGML with the linux-doc dtd. * fan/index.fr.prehtml: added a new photo (a tower again). * macros/novelsCite.prehtml: added this new macro file that allows easy referencing of Darkover novels. * encyclopedia/index.fr.prehtml: added a white space in the alt field of the tower image. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: modified in order to use the path macros. * GNUmakefile: fixed in order to enforce the general naming scheme. Another try to obtain a working makefile for the global index: at last it works! * guide/short-stories/GNUmakefile: fixed in order to enforce the general naming scheme. Wed Dec 10 09:06:35 1997 Fabrice Rossi * encyclopedia/index.fr.prehtml: added a tower photo. * site/index.fr.prehtml: added Romilly's photo. * guide/index.fr.prehtml: added a comyn photo. * index.fr.prehtml: presentation modification. Romilly's photo suppressed. Sun Dec 7 12:16:00 1997 Fabrice Rossi * index.fr.prehtml: added romilly's photo (reworked!) and modified the look. * GNUmakefile: one more slight modification in order to remove ./ in the path of prehtml files. Sat Dec 6 16:48:39 1997 Fabrice Rossi * guide/short-stories/amazones-libres.fr.prehtml: added this file. * guide/short-stories/cent-royaumes.fr.prehtml: added this file. * guide/short-stories/ages-chaos.fr.prehtml: added this file. * guide/short-stories/buildFrenchBook.pl: this new perl script allows to generate from the "short story database" book contents. * GNUmakefile: A lot of rewrite so that make can be done in sub directories as correctly as from the main directory. There is still a problem with the building of the global index. Wed Dec 3 09:04:41 1997 Fabrice Rossi * guide/short-stories/short-story.index.fr.prehtml: ajout de ce fichier. * guide/short-stories/author.index.fr.prehtml: ajout de ce fichier. * guide/short-stories/buildFrenchAuthorList.pl: première version du générateur de la liste des auteurs. * guide/short-stories/book.index.fr.prehtml: ajout de fichier. * site/poweredby.fr.prehtml: ajout de weblint dans les logiciels utilisés. Ajout du GNU make et des liens vers www.linux.org. Ajout de mots clé. * guide/books/exile.fr.prehtml: petite correction de présentation. Mon Dec 1 21:49:07 1997 Fabrice Rossi * guide/short-stories/buildFrenchSSList.pl: et voilà le super script perl qui fabrique la liste des nouvelles. Mon Nov 24 19:51:08 1997 Fabrice Rossi * bin/buildIndexBody: suppression d'un inutile. * bin/getTitle: suppression du ./ devant les paths qui semblait déplaire à certains programmes. * macros/navigation-table.prehtml: découpage de l'image d'index en morceaux afin de passer par une table. Tue Nov 11 15:10:17 1997 Fabrice Rossi * GNUmakefile: nombreuses modifications pour que le make récursif fonctionne mieux. * site/index.global.fr.prehtml: mise à jour des scripts permettant la création automatique du corps de ce fichier. Thu Oct 23 20:36:11 1997 Fabrice Rossi * fan/rpg.fr.prehtml: ajout d'un lien vers le site de Varzil. * site/ongoing.fr.prehtml: modification des images pour inclure la bon chemin.